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Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

Throw Away Your Razor With The Fastest, Most Effective, NO PAIN,

Best Pricing Laser Hair Removal in Erie!

No one enjoys shaving, waxing and tweezing all that unwanted hair.  It's uncomfortable, time consuming and expensive over time.  

But it feel so good to be silky smooth and hair free!


If you ever tried laser hair removal in the past or talked to a friend who did it, you probably know how painful the older systems are. 

It would feel like hot snapping rubber bands ripping at your skin....OOUUCCHH!

Well not anymore!  Cool Renew MedSpa has the area's most effective and only PAIN-FREE laser hair removal system.  PLUS....we have the best pricing in the area AND if needed, low monthly interest free payment plans!

Don't be fooled by these out-of-town companies that charge you an arm and a leg with their out-dated technology and high pressure sales tactics or the local offices that are using 10, 15 year old or older equipment. 


Our state-of-the-art laser hair removal system can treat ANY SKIN TYPE.  We have multiple sized hand pieces so we can treat large areas fast and also treat all those small hard to get areas too. At Cool Renew MedSpa you'll meet with our clinically trained staff and they'll create a custom plan for you to get the most effective treatment plan and the best possible price. 

Look at all the areas we can treat:


To properly eliminate your unwanted hair most patients will require 6 treatment sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.  We also provide you with 6 additional touch-up treatments in case any areas need additional reduction.  We are so confident in our low, one-cost pricing system and because we don't won't you to be scammed by other over-priced providers, here is our pricing.   Go ahead and compare this with other practices.   If they are less expensive than us, they are either under treating you and/or using old, out-dated, ineffective equipment which will hurt and will leave you hairy and very disappointed. 


This is a no-brainer.  The newest, best, most effective pain-free laser hair removal technology and the best price in the area!  Enjoy our no-nonsense pricing with up to 45% off a single area OR Buy 1 Get1 area FREE!   We'll even do a FREE spot test so you can feel how painless it actually is. 


To find out if this revolutionary technology is right for you contact us to schedule your complimentary, no obligation consultation with Cool Renew MedSpa. Convrnirntly located across from the MillCreek Mall at 1811 Kuntz Road, on the corner of Peach St & Kuntz Rd. Coll Renew is the only medspa in the Erie area with amazing, proven technology. Call us at 814-347-8314 or reach out to us online via the form.