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EmSculpt Muscle Toning & Fat Reduction

EMSCULPT Burns Fat and Builds Muscle To Sculpt Your Body
With NO Pain, NO Surgery and NO Downtime.

EmSculpt is the original and #1 system that is FDA-cleared to BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE at the same time. It does this through high-intensity focused electro-magnetic(HIFEM) energy which is equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches or squats in only 30 minutes!

Heck, you can tone your abs to build a 6-pack or give yourself a Brazilian butt lift on your lunch hour!

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been trying to eat right and get rid of that extra bit of fat around your abdomen or want to tone your arms, legs or build a more defined booty. But despite all that you've tried to do you still are not quite satisfied with the way your body looks. At Cool RenewMedSpa in Erie, PA., we can help give your abdomen, arms, legs or butt that sculpted and toned appearance you want using EMSCULPT.

HIFEM – High Intensity, Focused Electro Magnetic energy, meaning EMSCULPT produces magnetic energy that creates “supramaximal”muscle contraction. It uses a series of different patterns of muscle contractions during treatment to stimulate muscle work beyond what you can get through a personal trainer with strength training alone.

This strong HIFEM energy of the EmSculpt causes your body to respond to these super-powerful contractions in two essential ways. First, it draws upon nearby fat cells to fuel the intense contractions. This reduces fat in the treatment area. Secondly, the body adapts to the powerful muscle workout by remodeling tissue. Muscle fibers become bigger, stronger, and more developed. The HIFEM energy passes harmlessly through the skin, and the surrounding tissues are unaffected.

EMSCULPT has proven to be an effective and safe option for building muscle, enhancing muscle tone, and improving the appearance of a person’s figure. The EMSCULPT system is FDA-cleared and has numerous clinical studies have been performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the procedure.

Seven Clinical Studies have shown EMSCULPT can give you:

  • 19% average fat reduction
  • 16% average increase in muscles mass
  • 96% average patient satisfaction rate

Muscle building and fat burning treatments are customized to the aesthetic goals of each patient. Therefore, Emsculpt pricing will vary somewhat depending on the specific needs and goals of the patient. Your exact pricing will be determined during your complimentary, no obligation consultation. We also have payment plans that can make your treatment investment in yourself as little as $2 or $3 dollars a day!


The results look very natural. Most patients will undergo two treatments per week (spaced 2 or 3 days apart) for up to four weeks. After each treatment session the targeted muscle group may feel a little sore for a day or two. This soreness is similar to the muscle fatigue one might feel after an intense strength training session at the gym. Individual experiences may vary, but most patients see improved muscle tone within 2 to 4weeks after their treatment and results can continue to improve for months after your treatments are complete.


Emsculpt, like all body-contouring treatments, is very technique sensitive. Therefore, the experience and proficiency of the clinician performing the treatment will greatly affect your results. Since Cool Renew is the first and only provider of the EmSculpt in the Erie area we have the most and highest level of experience for our patients. We also provide you with DOUBLE the recommended treatment sessions to give you best results possible! When you stop in for your consultation we'll even give you a FREE trial session so you can feel for yourself how amazing it is.


To find out if this revolutionary technology is right for you contact us to schedule your complimentary, no obligation consultation with Cool Renew MedSpa . Conveniently located across from The MillCreek Mall at 1811 Kuntz Road, on the corner of Peach St & Kuntz Rd. CoolRenew is the only med spa in the Erie area with this amazing, proven technology. Call us at 814-347-8314 or reach out to us online via the form.

How EmSculpt Works