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Your Spot is Saved!

Thanks for reserving your seat at CoolSculpting and Coffee on March 9th at 10am!

During the event you’ll be able to ask our CoolSculpting team any question you have about the treatment and see a live demonstration. 

Our clients love CoolSculpting because it’s non invasive and they have literally zero down time.  After the treatment they can go back to work, go to the gym, pick kids up from school.  You don’t have to worry about stitches or any of the bad things associated with more invasive procedures.

Many of our clients also quickly recommend CoolSculpting to their friends and family.  Why not invite a friend or two to join you at our CoolSculpting and coffee event.

Send them this link to register: We do limit these events to just 10 attendees and they fill up fast!


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